Accepted Papers




#2 Max Alekseyev On computing sets of integers with maximum number of pairs summing to powers of 2
#5 Jiri Fink and Torsten Mütze Matchings in hypercubes extend to long cycles
#12 Konstantinos Georgiou and Xin Wang Weighted Group Search on the Disk & Improved Lower Bounds for Priority Evacuation
#16 Stoyan Dimitrov Simple random sampling of binary forests with fixed number of nodes and trees
#18 Dimitri Watel, Ylene Aboulfath, Dominique Barth, Thierry Mautor and Marc-Antoine Weisser Maximizing Minimum Cycle Bases Intersection
#20 Andrej Brodnik, Bengt J. Nilsson and Gordana Vujovic Improving Online Bin Covering with Little Advice
#22 Julien Bensmail and Clara Marcille An Improved Bound for Equitable Proper Labellings
#23 Amotz Bar-Noy, Toni Böhnlein, David Peleg, Yingli Ran and Dror Rawitz Approximate realizations for outerplanaric degree sequences
#24 Valentin Bartier, Oscar Defrain and Fionn Mc Inerney Hypergraph dualization with FPT-delay parameterized by the degeneracy and dimension
#26 Todor Antić, Jelena Glišić and Milan Milivojčević Star-Forest Decompositions of Complete Graphs
#27 Todor Antić Convex-geometric k-planar graphs are convex-geometric (k+1)-quasiplanar
#30 Clément Dallard, Maël Dumas, Claire Hilaire, Martin Milanič, Anthony Perez and Nicolas Trotignon Detecting K_{2,3} as an induced minor
#31 Mitsuru Funakoshi, Takuya Mieno, Yuto Nakashima, Shunsuke Inenaga, Hideo Bannai and Masayuki Takeda Computing maximal palindromes in non-standard matching models
#37 Nikola Jedličková and Jan Kratochvil On the Structure of Hamiltonian Graphs with Small Independence Number
#41 Daniel J. Harvey, Jesper Jansson, Mikolaj Marciniak and Yukihiro Murakami Resolving Unresolved Resolved and Unresolved Triplets Consistency Problems
#44 Hans Bodlaender, Matthew Johnson, Barnaby Martin, Jelle Oostveen, Sukanya Pandey, Daniel Paulusma, Siani Smith and Erik Jan van Leeuwen Complexity Framework for Forbidden Subgraphs IV: The Steiner Forest Problem
#47 Luis Cunha, Fernanda Couto, Daniel Posner and Edmundo Pinto Minimizing distances between vertices and edges through tree t-spanners
#48 Yasuaki Kobayashi, Kazuhiro Kurita, Yasuko Matsui and Hirotaka Ono Enumerating minimal vertex covers and dominating sets with capacity and/or connectivity constraints
#52 Filippos Christodoulou, Pierluigi Crescenzi, Andrea Marino, Ana Silva and Dimitrios M. Thilikos Making the Interval Membership Width of Temporal Graphs Connected and Bidirectional
#53 Tong-Nong Lin, Yu-Cheng Lin, Cheng-Chen Tsai, Meng-Tsung Tsai and Shih-Yu Tsai Efficient Algorithms for Decomposing Integers as Sums of Few Tetrahedral Numbers
#56 Gianlorenzo D'Angelo and Esmaeil Delfaraz Approximation Algorithms for Node-Weighted Directed Steiner Problems
#57 Jan Bok, Antoine Dailly and Tuomo Lehtilä Resolving Sets in Temporal Graphs
#68 Melvin Adekanye, Christopher Bury, Ben Cameron and Thaler Knodel On the finiteness of k-vertex-critical 2P_2-free graphs with forbidden induced squids or bulls
#71 Hiroshi Eto, Shunsuke Kawaharada, Guohui Lin, Eiji Miyano and Tugce Ozdemir Directed Path Partition Problems on Directed Acyclic Graphs
#74 Shunsuke Inenaga, Takuya Mieno, Hiroki Arimura, Mitsuru Funakoshi and Yuta Fujishige Computing Minimal Absent Words and Extended Bispecial Factors with CDAWG Space
#75 Svein Høgemo Lower Bounds for Leaf Rank of Leaf Powers
#77 Kevin Mann and Henning Fernau Perfect Roman Domination: Aspects of Enumeration and Parameterization
#80 Taketo Tsujimoto, Hiroki Shibata, Takuya Mieno, Yuto Nakashima and Shunsuke Inenaga Computing Longest Common Subsequence under Cartesian-Tree Matching Model
#81 Caroline Brosse, Alessio Conte, Vincent Limouzy, Giulia Punzi and Davide Rucci Output-Sensitive Enumeration of Potential Maximal Cliques in Polynomial Space
#82 Jared Coleman, Dmitry Ivanov, Evangelos Kranakis, Danny Krizanc and Oscar Morales-Ponce Linear Search for an Escaping Target with Unknown Speed
#87 Waseem Akram and Sanjeev Saxena Dominance for Enclosure Problems
#88 Babak Ghanbari and Robert Samal Approximate cycle double cover
#99 Stefan Hougardy and Bart Zondervan The Bottom-Left Algorithm for the Strip Packing Problem
#103 Stefan Funke and Sabine Storandt Parameterized Upper Bounds for Path-Consistent Hub Labeling
#107 Vadim Lozin The Hamiltonian cycle problem and monotone classes
#113 Paola Flocchini, Debasish Pattanayak, Nicola Santoro and Masafumi Yamashita The Minimum Algorithm Size of k-Grouping by Silent Oblivious Robots
#114 Akash Ambashankar and Hovhannes Harutyunyan Broadcasting in Star of Cliques
#118 Petr Kolman Approximating Spanning Tree Congestion on Bounded Degree Graphs
#127 Nikolas Alexander Schwarz and Sabine Storandt Efficient Computation of Crossing Components and Shortcut Hulls
#132 Nikita Andreev, Ivan Bliznets, Madhumita Kundu, Saket Saurabh, Vikash Tripathi and Shaily Verma Parameterized Complexity of Paired Domination